The $500 Performance account is a unique product of SigBanc LTD, it’s a completely RISK-FREE product, and the idea behind it is enabling people to trade using the company’s funds to make profits, however, the more profits you achieve, the more money you get. The percentage varies from a country to another.

SigBanc LTD offers a unique product that no other firm has ever offered, and we pride ourselves to be able to help many traders who do not have the proper experience in the market to participate in it, this offer will enable millions of traders to trade using a real trading account and bearing ZERO risk. On the contrary, we will pay those successful traders a percentage fees on their successful total earnings.

Please take a look at the terms and conditions below in order to be eligible to obtain a “performance account” with SigBanc LTD

So here how it works.

  • Maximum Deposit is $500 (will be credited or deposited into the account) and the initial credit or deposit will not be subjected to be withdrawn by the client at any case. Because the property of the account belongs to SigBanc LTD and the broker itself.
  • SigBanc LTD will pay %3 or 5% depending on the country as performance fees on any profits the trader makes on the account using the $500 credit/deposit.
  • Major trading items will be at 2 or 3 or 1 or even a variable pips spread
  • Trading Margin will be 1000 per 1 lot and it could be increased when market is hectic.
  • Sniping, Scalping and any form of illegal trading techniques will not be allowed and if it happens, the account will be terminated immediately and the trader will not be able to receive any account in the future.
  • In case a trader opens more than one account using same or different names but same IP address, the account will be terminated immediately and the profits will be removed and nothing to be paid for broking the terms and conditions of trading.
  • Closing Trades should be done with minimum 10 pips, in either in profit or in loss. If closing trades occurred in less than 10 pips that will jeopardize the account and it may be terminated according to the firm’s decision.
  • The trader shall only use one trading account, if the same user trades on a multi-account then both accounts will be terminated immediately and so as the profits if any in both of the accounts.
  • Performance fees shall be paid by the 3rd of each month after calculating the profits of the trader.
  • Account will only be activated only if the trader submits a copy of his ID/Passport or any identification in order to verify the identity of the trader.
  • The company has the right to deny/decline any payment if any trader breaks any of the trading rules. And the company will have all the right to sue this trader for system manipulation, fraud and causing damage.
  • If you have any issue, please get in touch with us at Support@SigBanc.com.
  • Writing on our page or website or any other forum/website/blog in a negative way defaming the company’s reputation will cause a launching of a lawsuit against you and we will have the right to ask for a compensation.

Please follow the rules above and good luck with trading.

SigBanc LTD