Website Payouts

SigBanc LTD provides a robust incentive structure to authors wanting to share news, views and unique insights with our SigBanc audience. We pride ourselves on being the only financial network that pays contributors real money, and not merely in-kind incentives.

Please note that this relationship is governed by strict rules to guarantee the best possible experience for our authors and audiences:

  • All articles must be related to financial services and bring genuine value and information to the debate.
  • Authors should make use of easily digestible pictures and graphics that are related to their topic, and help get the point across.
  • All republishing must be credited transparently
  • Comments must be suitable and relevant
  • We offer compensation based on views. Once you breach the 1,000-view floor, you’ll be paid 0.005 a view, which means you’ll receive USD 5 for the 1000 mark. The higher the views, the greater the compensation. Our compensation chart is as follows:
Views Payout
1000 $5
5,000 $25
10,000 $50
20,000 $100
50,000 $250
100,000 $500
1 Million $50,00

Please be aware that:

  • The company has developed next-generation machine learning systems that detect bots and subtract bot views and non-human activities from your total view count.
  • Any instances of fraud, or attempt to influence the view count via automation or gaming the system, will result in suspension and a suspension of remuneration.
  • SigBanc reserves right to sue contributors and publishers that use automation, bots or other instances of fraudulent activity in a bid to artificially inflate view counts.
  • We regularly carry out audits using state of the art technology to safeguard our information-sharing ecosystem and the credentials of our contributors.

You can register as a publisher by heading to Signup

Why do we compensate contributors?

It’s simple. We want to bring incisive analysis and knowledge to our traders – irrespective of whether they’re hobbyists or professionals. We want our community to benefit from genuine insight and an understanding of industry intricacies. We recognise that startup traders need support, and that even pros can benefit from new perspectives. And that’s why we’ve curated a content service that delivers the richest knowledge financial professionals can ask for. In return, we want to laud, appreciate and compensate the experts who are making time to create content that benefits the industry. Not only have we made it easy to share insights, but have made sure you’re compensated for your efforts. We want you to earn while creating benefit for your peers.

  • Registering as a contributor or publisher is incredibly easy – either as Writer or Technical Analyst
  • From there, modify and personalise your profile to reflect your credentials.
  • Start to publish articles and analysis. You can do both from the same profile.
  • Share published content on social media to amplify your content
  • Your peers will take notice of the value you’re bringing them, and start following you. We’ll start paying you based on the unique views you get.

Important Notice: We’ve made it incredibly simple to sign up, and then personalise your profile. To better understand the rewards we offer for genuine content, head over to the “Website Payouts” section.

How to attract Followers

The higher your number of views, the more value you add and the higher your reward. Our deal with you is simple: the more views you draw, the more money you’ll make. But keep in mind these views have to be genuine. We’re very proactive in dealing with automation and bot-related fraud, and will take action immediately. Here are a few tips to get genuine people reading and appreciating your content:

  • Share content on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Sharing amplifies your message. It gets you better known, and draws eyeballs to your unique contribution.
  • Share your content regularly on FX forums. This is an exceptionally efficient way to get noticed because forex traders love discussing daily market news and views. Your tribe is waiting.
  • Craft emails highlighting your content and share with friends and fellow traders.
  • Promote yourself and your business on the SigBanc website. Sponsor a corner of the site to benefitted from heavy targeted traffic.
  • Videos and graphics are easily digested and very effective in drawing attention.

Validation of Views

SigBanc LTD always make sure that our website publishers get paid on time and fairly therefore, there are rules that must be taken into consideration.


  • Abusing the website or a specific article will lead to suspension of your account.
  • Your earning will be completely removed and the company will not compensate abusers every if there were some valid views among the total views.
  • SigBanc LTD has an advanced anti-abusing system that was designed to detect all type of abusing. Also we use extra tools from Google to detect those views as an extra layer of security.


  • Content must be related to finance, business and everything related to it.
  • If the content of the published articles were out of context and out of topic, they will be deleted right away and the user will be blocked and the account will be suspended.
  • Content must be professional and straight to the point.
  • Content must not contain advertisement or any speech of hate or indirect marketing to a product or a specific organization.

Intellectual Property

  • The publisher must take into consideration the intellectual property of published content.
  • The publisher will be responsible for any published content and SigBanc LTD will not be held liable for any of the published content.
  • If an article or a technical analysis be reported by the original owner of it, the published content will be removed instantly after vetting and user will be blocked and account be suspended.
  • Content must not contain advertisement or any speech of hate or indirect marketing to a product or a specific organization.

SigBanc LTD will not be held liable for any published content on its website. The publisher will be the one who is responsible for the published content on his/her profile.

SigBanc LTD will have the right to decline any payment to any user that did not follow the guide above or any of its appendixes.