SigBanc firm has acquired millions of data through its marketing channles and affiliate partners over the years and its sister companies. Our research and development department have worked 24/7 to validate the data and to come with the best utilization method in processing, conducting and storing this data. we run our data validation every six months to make sure that our data is up to date and still beneficial and usable at any point.

Forex Data
Our Forex Data pool is very rich and a high quality, we keep on updating our database constantly, and we have huge networks in most of the markets and regions. Our data base consists of 10,000,000 contacts, that mixture represents current trading clients, six month old clients and leads.
Real-Estate Data
We have been collecting Real-Estate Data for the past 5 years. and we have been verifying and working closely with clients, real-estate firms and investors. thus our quality of data has proving a day from another the quality and profitability.
Crowdfunding Data
Since the world has become a small town and moving forward to becoming more social on every aspect on communication & investing levels, we have utilized the data that we have farmed and collected over the past two years in order to redirect them into a better and most beneficial directions.
Film Investors Data
Investing in films in one of the most successful investments if project has the key elements to succeed, Thus, we have massive amount of film investors (Big, and social investors).
Investors Data
To establish a successful business, you will need open-minded investors behind, just in case you lack funds, and thus we have investors from many industries and from different regions in the world. Our database consists of 1,000,000 tech, financial, VC etc. investors. Joining SigBanc Platform will enable you to have exposure to those investors and boost your business. Binary Options Data Binary Options data is different from many other investors data, it falls into the investment category thought but the investors tend to take higher risks more than other types of investors. That SigBanc holds a huge amount of validated data in the Binary Option Industry.