We maintain our technological competitive advantage through constant investment and innovation. We have deployed the industry’s most advanced technology ecosystem comprising websites, front-desk support, back-office operations, customer service, relationship management, and secure investor portals. Here are just some ways our technological edge delivers benefits for our clients:

First-rate Liquidity Pool

We collaborate with the reputable banks and LPs globally to generate credible LP pools that simplify the trading process and meet our investors’ capital needs.

Rapid transaction execution

In an industry where milliseconds count, we have perfected an express transaction execution process. Our clients can rest assured that they will never encounter re-quotes or slippage under normal market conditions. Our speed and precision helps our investors leverage the smallest market movements into successful trades.

High-speed data feeds

We deliver high-bandwidth data access enabled through servers strategically placed the world over to ensure you never lack connectivity. The result: incredibly swift order execution, with the market insight needed to decide on successful trades.

Advanced back-office system

Our best in class back office processes help bring your requests to life practically in real time. Wave goodbye to missed opportunities due to delays, re-quotes and lags. Your decisions are implemented as fast as you make them.

Exceptional security

Security is uppermost on our list of imperatives. We rely on the world’s most sophisticated cybersecurity mechanisms to identify, thwart and rectify instances of manipulation, fraud, data theft or identity theft.

Exceptional customer support

Our professional customer support teams are available round the clock to troubleshoot any concerns you might have with your SigBanc trading platforms. Our goal is to get you up and trading at moment’s notice, no matter the issue you encounter.