Innovative products

We’ve researched and authored a series of technology products designed to give investors an edge in competitive markets to maximise returns while offering powerful downside protection.

SigBanc Ai Engine

The subscription-based SigBanc AI solution offers market-leading insight and analysis to assist investors in executing real-time smart forex trades. The AI engine takes into account historical data as well as external variables to predict market movements with a world-beating 92% accuracy rate.

The solution is advisory only, and does not initiate or execute trades on behalf of investors. Rather, it supplies investors with the tactical views and analysis they need to back up their intuition.

The SigBanc AI engine is currently delivering results across nine currencies plus gold, and is available as a web-based portal, plugin for the Meta Trader platform and mobile app.

Sequence Trading

SigBanc’s innovative low-risk investment product relies on the exponential returns generated by a sequence of successful trades to multiply earnings. Investors enter a sequence of 20 trades with a low base capital. A trade is triggered by a 20-pip movement in either direction, with a successful prediction continuing the trading sequence. Stringing together successful trades amplifies returns exponentially. The product is carefully regulated, and conforms to all local and international regulations. The SigBanc Sequence Trading product is available via web platform, and as a smartphone app.


At SigBanc, we cut through the clutter to deliver smart and incisive expert commentary that can be monetised. We encourage robust research, analysis and debate. To that end, we’ve created a system of financial incentives that reward contributors for the views they get. Our aim is to spark and ecosystem where experts sharing their knowledge with the community, and are in turn compensated for their insights. Our sharing platforms have active 24/7 bot protection – so the community can rest assured that every click and view is human-generated.

SigBanc Ads Manager

Get seen, heard and noticed with our specialised ad manager tailored to the financial markets. We specialise in placing products and services in front of the right target audience of investors and financial experts by serving ads across a portfolio of 300+ high quality and carefully vetted financial publications. Our Ads Manager is your targeted solution to reach a specialised audience for your forex and financial products. Find out more at