Attracting Followers

The More followers you have the more money you make, it is as simple as that, therefore we have created a short guideline to help our publishers make more money in exchange for the materials they publish.

  • Sharing content on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.The power of sharing is huge, you can share your content on your page and people will start following you, the followers could be friends or fans.
  • Sharing content on FX forums, it is very effect way of getting noticed, forex traders like to discuss the market on daily basis, so always share your content their so they can start following you.
  • Sending email shots, prepare your content and send it over by email to friends, traders you may know.
  • Advertise on the SigBanc website, sponsor a corner and enjoy the traffic that will come cross.
  • Create videos and publish them on your SigBanc profile, this will reach out to all of our users.