Integrated Technology

In order to be special and a leading company, you need to be on the top of technology, the world is evolving supersonically, and if you do not keep up, you could run out of business and become out of date, therefore, we have created the most advanced tech in the industry that consists of advanced website, front-desk, back-office, customer relationship manager, and clients’ portal. The key to succeed is be the fastest to solve a problem and the most accurate, thus, our systems are fully computerized and automated. Our current clients are enjoying the speed, the accuracy and the high follow up by our designated teams.

High-End Integrated Tech

  • Premium Liquidity Pool:We deal with the world’s most reputable banks and LPs. We have created a rich pool of LPs to ease clients’ trading needs.
  • Supersonic Order Execution: Our order execution is so fast, you will not get a re-quote or any slippage in normal market conditions, we know what clients desire.
  • High Speed Data Feed: We are considered one of the fastest brokers in pricing, our servers are located in several locations for a better service.
  • Advanced back-office system:our advanced BOS has enabled us to fulfill clients’ needs quickly, we know how much clients hate waiting.
  • Ultra-high Security: We take security very seriously, we protect clients’ data, and we protect our servers with the most advanced cybersecurity tools.
  • High Quality Support:In case you have a problem, you do not have to worry, you are in the hands of the most professional team, just relax.